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We are changing our hours of operation. Starting the week of January 8th, our hours will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8 am to 4:30 pm, Thursday 8 am to 6:30 pm, and Friday 8 am to noon.


Temporary Food Operations

All temporary food vendors must have a permit to operate. Food may be prepared and served at or in conjunction with gatherings or events such as fairs and festivals. Food items and methods of preparation may be restricted during temporary events. All temporary food vendors must have a permit from the local health department. Permits are valid for up to 14 days at one location as long as the operator remains in good standing and compliance with regulations.

Temporary Food Service Setup Guidelines

Food Trucks

Food trucks may not provide catering services unless they meet additional permitting requirements as a catering kitchen. These units are to be serviced and cleaned every day of operation. These operations are permitted by the local county health department and pay an annual fee to operate statewide. These units must contact the health department in each county where they operate for an inspection. Menu items must be approved before permitting.

See Section 3 of the Kentucky Food Code


  •  Plans shall be prepared and submitted by a KY licensed plumber.
  •  Plan shall include a floor plan which shows equipment layout/ location.
  •  Plans shall include a plumbing riser diagram along with a completed plumbing plan application form. Click here for plan application form.
  •  Plans shall be brought to the Bourbon County Health Dept for plan review.
  •  Once plans are reviewed and approved by the BCHD, they are then forwarded to the state plumbing inspector at the Kentucky Division of Plumbing. Scott McCray is the state plumbing inspector for the Bourbon County area. He can be contacted at 502-349-8498.
  •  When all plans have been approved and the food truck build-out is complete, a pre-opening inspection will be conducted. Prior to this inspection, a completed profile sheet must be submitted to the health department, along with payment for the annual operating fee of $200.
  •  Mobile Food Units shall:
    • be protected from contamination during storage, preparation, and use
    • use single-service items when applicable
    • carry or display their permit
    • use hair restraints
    • screens or air curtains on windows (insect control)
    • Certified Food Manager training certificate required



  • Hand sink in prep area
  • Hot and cold water under pressure (approved by Division of Plumbing)
  • Hot water tank (approved by Division of Plumbing), which can provide a minimum water temperature of 110º F during times of peak usage
  • Tanks for portable water supply and waste water must be constructed of National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)approved material
  • 3-compartment sink with 2 drain boards
  • Public restrooms must be available at location
  • Waste water retention tank must be 50% larger than fresh water supply
  • Must have a minimum of 50 ft. candles lighting on food prep surfaces in food prep area; lights must be properly shielded
  • Surfaces of floors, walls and ceilings must be hard, smooth, cleanable and non-absorbent.
  • Hood/ventilation system for smoke/grease vapors may need approval from Kentucky Department of Housing, Building & Construction (502-573-0373)
  • Copy of proposed menu

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In lieu of publication, our approved budget can be viewed on the Department for Local Government (DLG) website.

Andrea Davis-Viney, MPH
Public Health Director

Amanda Thornberry, DMD
Board of Health Chairperson