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Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings

The Bourbon County Health Department encourages women to be screened regularly for breast and cervical cancer.  This service is provided on Thursday at BCHD.


What if I can’t afford to be screened?

The Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program (KWCSP) funds breast and cervical screening for low-income women at a low or reduced cost through local health departments and contract providers. Some women may qualify for services at no cost.

Am I eligible for this program?

A woman may be eligible for the KWCSP if she:

  • Is 21 or older and less than 65 years of age.
  • Has a household income less that 250% of the federal poverty guideline.
  • Has no health insurance (no Medicaid and no private health insurance).
Age Services
 Less than 21 May be eligible for a Pap test/pelvic exam through other Kentucky Department for Public Health programs. Not KWCSP eligible.
 21-39* KWCSP eligible: Pap test/pelvic exam, clinical breast exam.
 40-64 KWCSP eligible: Pap test/pelvic exam, clinical breast exam, mammogram
 65 and older Eligible for Pap test/pelvic exam, clinical breast exam, mammogram through Medicare/Medicaid.
Not KWCSP eligible.

 *Mammography or breast ultrasound is available for women under 40 as indicated by family or medical history to be determined by the local health department provider.

NOTE: Eligibility for the KWCSP does not guarantee eligibility for Medicaid services through the Breast and Cervical cancer Treatment Program.

How do I apply?

Women interested in KWCSP services should contact their local health department for scheduling and eligibility information. Bourbon County Health Department’s phone number is (859) 987-1915.

What all is involved in the screening process?

Cancer screening services are provided by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or specially trained and certified registered nurse at a local health department or by a contract provider. 

A cancer screening visit includes:

  • A comprehensive health history
  • A physical examination (including clinical breast exam and pelvic exam)
  • Laboratory tests (including conventional or liquid based Pap test, fecal occult blood test for ages 50 + and other tests as indicated by history/exam)
  • Referral for annual mammogram for ages 40 +
  • Risk reduction counseling

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Andrea Davis-Viney, MPH
Public Health Director

Amanda Thornberry, DMD
Board of Health Chairperson